MAURITIUS HOUSE rental Holiday House (luxury villa) in Pereybčre Grand Baie Port Louis Online booking 7-day vacations in Mauritius

The Villa Mauritius House The beach Mauritius island

MAURITIUS HOUSE, luxury villa for rental (Seaside holiday house) on Mauritius Island Pereybère (8 persons) Direct rental from owner. Online booking.

July Augustus September

800 € a week
All the villa for you
max 8 persons


mobile +39 331 8440012

Coral reef rocks beach

Holidays in Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean between Africa and India.
A tiny paradise of sunshine and joy, a blend of radically different cultures resulting from successive periods of immigration from Europe, Africa, India and China over the centuries.
The volcanic origin of the island resulted in the creation of a spectacular setting, with stunning white beaches protected by the barrier reef and an extensive central plateau with plantations and tropical forests extending up the slopes of the imposing mountains.
These remarkable natural features make this special island the ideal destination for dream holidays and absolute tranquillity.

Seaside villa holidays in Mauritius

Looking for a holiday house on Mauritius Island? Looking for an unforgettable holiday to spend with your friends? Want to spend your holidays exploring the coral reef? Rent a holiday house at Pereybère Grand Baie Port Louis directly from the owner at prices only available by cutting out agents. Take a look at the last minute offers and book your dream holiday online at the Mauritius House villa, which is placed at your complete disposal to accommodate you and your party.

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Prenotazione vacanzaOnline booking

Book your holiday in Mauritius phoning to mobile
+230 57747643

Warning! The booking does not include air travel!

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Saving of up to 20% on the cost of a 7-day vacation!
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Mauritius House
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